National Manufacturing Day

by Thursday, November 20, 2014

National Manufacturing Day

National Manufacturing Day, an opportunity to celebrate those who work to empower the production and distribution of American made goods, kicked off in October 2014. The purpose of this movement serves to encourage a familiarity with career opportunities in the manufacturing industry according to JD Supra and MFG Day. The coast-to-coast event allowed individuals to join various facility tours, and further extended this offer to a number of middle and high schools. The extensive reach of National Manufacturing Day will certainly change the attitudes seen in pursuit of a manufacturing career. Gone are the days of finding little fun in this industry!

The event allowed for over 1,600 American manufacturers to welcome inquiring eyes into their production to encourage a variety of audience members to aspire for careers within this industry. In Texas, both tech and oil fields were represented during meetings at the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. Altogether, many companies saw a quite successful turnout, and quickly began spotting future innovators in their respective fields. Ultimately, National Manufacturing Day serves as a great reminder of the efforts being taken to encourage an interest in American made production from an early age.

President Obama reflected on the creation of a day such as this:
“When our generation faced an economy in free fall and an industry on the brink of collapse, we bet on American resilience and American workers and today innovative technologies, new wellsprings of manufacturing entrepreneurship, and our country’s increasing competitiveness are fueling a revitalization of American manufacturing.”

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