Vitamix Blenders – An American Kitchen Legend!

by Friday, February 3, 2017
Vitamix Blenders!

Vitamix Blenders!

Classic Style, High-quality Blenders

Eating healthy is becoming more important than ever! More and more, people are realizing the value of buying good quality fresh ingredients. Vitamix blenders can help you get the most goodness out of your food!
Nearly a century ago, William Grover Barnard started selling modern kitchen products in order to help improve the health and well-being of others through whole-food nutrition. Years later, when Barnard first saw a kitchen blender in 1937, he began to focus his attention on creating a high-end line of blenders. The goal was to help people create healthy meals quickly and easily. This is when the first Vitamix blender system was born.

Around the same time, television programming and advertising were new ways in which people were receiving information. In 1949, the company made history by creating America’s first infomercial. During the first one in the late ’40s — much like Vitamix infomercials today — the focus was on teaching customers the importance of eating a whole-food diet and how blending fresh ingredients can have a positive impact on health. You can watch a clip of the original infomercial here.

<h1>Enduring Quality Blenders</h1>Today, Vitamix blender systems can be found in commercial and residential kitchens alike. Even as the family-owned company has grown and expanded over the years, these durable, reliable blenders are still American made. In fact, since 1948, Vitamix blenders have been manufactured at the Vitamix headquarters in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. Currently, the company employs more than 800 people in Ohio to create these high-performance blenders.

Find out more about Vitamix, including where to purchase one of the American-made blenders yourself, by visiting their website.

Classic style, lasting quality!

Classic style, lasting quality!

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