Why Buy American-made Furniture Today?

by Friday, July 28, 2017

American made vs. Foreign made? Your choice matters!

From Swedish to Japanese, America is home to a wide range of international furnishings. Many of these countries offer trendy, affordable designs, so it’s easy to understand why both consumers and leaders in the furniture industry are excited to shop for these outsourced products. But what about the furniture that’s produced in America? While not as common, stylish American-made furniture is still around, offering a refreshing change of pace from the mass-produced modern designs stores often showcase today.

Rather than lumping all American furniture makers together, let’s focus on one group of builders: the Amish. Amish-made furniture first became popular in the 1920s, when industrialization made Americans long for simpler times. Their elegant designs have remained relevant each year since then, while other trends have come and gone.

Made in America - When quality matters!

Made in America – When quality matters!

Trademarks of American-made Amish furniture include solid wood, quality craftsmanship, traditional styling and functional design. Hardwoods like cherry or walnut are often used to make functional furniture, such as dining chairs and tables, and thanks to thoughtful detail, superior woodworking skills, and quality materials, these furnishings are designed to last. Many consumers today seek out antiques to bring unique beauty and a sense of history into their space, but that isn’t necessary. Every Amish furniture item being crafted today offers that one-of-a-kind style and nostalgic touch they desire.

Gallery Furniture is proud to support and supply American-made designs, many of which are built by skilled Amish craftsmen. These furniture pieces are both useful and beautiful, and they are constructed to last for years. Show your support for designs that stand the test of time by searching the Amish offerings on our site today.


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