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by Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Have you been wondering where you can obtain the furniture of your dreams? Have you told yourself that it’s finally time to fill your home with brand new genuine American made handcrafted furniture? If these statements describe you, then let me tell you about the retail store where Made in America comes alive and is celebrated everyday. This store is none other than the world famous Gallery Furniture in Houston, Texas.

Gallery Furniture has expanded to three locations, so there is always a store within an easy drive. Gallery Furniture also has an online site where you can and see and buy a lot of quality products. However, nothing short of you driving yourself to one of the Gallery Furniture stores and getting to experience the beauty, the quality, the incredible comfort of the largest in stock American made furniture in the world will do.

Until you get to sit on a sofa, how will you know if it’s the right one for you? Until you get to feel the quality of the fabric in your hand, and feel the weight of the designer pillows, how do you know if it’s exactly what you want? When you get to not only appreciate the beauty of solid wood furniture from up close but you get to look underneath and see the incredible craftsmanship of each piece, you get a deeper sense of understanding of what Made in America is all about.

Discover a store where they believe in and stand behind the products they sell, a destination where customer service is a way of life, and an adventure that you will tell your friends and family about for years to come. Celebrate made in America the way it ought to be, with the heirloom quality and hand craftsmanship of American made furniture, where its ready to be delivered the same day you by it by the best most professional delivery people you will ever meet.


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