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by Friday, December 2, 2016

As proud Americans, it is our patriotic duty to support our country whenever we can. We give back to the communities we live in, we support the brave men and women who stand up for our rights, and we practice our civil liberties to honor the foundation of this nation. And because America has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, one of the most immediate and straightforward ways we choose to support our country is by purchasing items that are made right here within our borders. Instead of outsourcing jobs and placing a wall between the customer and manufacturer, Americans are increasingly choosing to keep the full value of their buying dollars within the U.S.

Rules and Regulations

The U.S. Department of Commerce regulates American-made furniture manufacturers to ensure the safety and quality of each brand. The Furniture Compliance Requirements ensure that all U.S. furniture brands follow the same rules, creating a level playing field and satisfied consumers.

American-made furniture manufacturers give their attention and care to each piece they make. Additionally, imported wood is often treated with harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, which can create a toxic environment in your home. When you purchase furnishings that are sourced and crafted in the U.S., though, you don’t run that risk.

Still, not every beautiful bed or sofa with an American-made label on it is of high quality. California, for example, is the only state with loose regulations regarding what can be called “American-made.” That’s because a bill signed in late 2015 allows companies in California to claim products are “made in America” even if they are only 90 percent American-made.

Knowledge is Power

Just like any other product you purchase, you should familiarize yourself with each particular brand and piece. Know where the materials come from and where it was manufactured. Assembled in America, after all, means something entirely different and could contain parts that have been treated with toxic chemicals outside of the U.S.

It may require more of your time and effort, but your work will pay off when you find a long-lasting piece of furniture that you can enjoy for years to come. You wouldn’t buy a car without asking any questions first or getting to know the reputation of the manufacturer and dealer. You should do the same type of research when choosing new furniture.

Ask the sales associate plenty of questions, and if they don’t have solid answers, go to the manufacturer. Don’t drive off the lot blindfolded! Before you invest in a piece that you want to go the distance for you and your family, make sure you know all the details. Cars wear down after years of use, to take the analogy a step further, but a well-made piece of furniture just might become a family heirloom that you can pass down from generation to generation. Buying American-made is an excellent first step, and the search for quality furniture doesn’t only stop there.

While there is a large selection of solid wood, American-made furniture, not all American-made pieces are crafted with the same materials. This can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. Solid wood furniture is a smart investment. With such high quality, you’ll get the heirloom piece you are looking for. Whether you want a dining room table, dresser or night stand, durable solid wood provides an air of sophistication that makes any piece an instant classic.

American Made with the best materials!

American Made with the best materials!

Buying from American-made furniture manufacturers is always a great choice, but make sure you know what you are buying before you make the purchase. Research everything you can, from safety and manufacturing processes to durability and style. And finally, ask as many questions as you need before completing your research. Here at Gallery Furniture, we love talking to our customers about the manufacturing process and the stories behind our pieces, and we love when customers share our enthusiasm.

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  • Raul Montoya
    June 1, 2017

    I love the blog keep spreading the word for American made products!

    • Sara Hickey
      July 28, 2017

      Thanks for your support Raul! American made products are the best out there and an exceptionally smart investment into your home! Stay in touch!

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