Saw marks as a sign of fine craftsmanship

by Thursday, August 18, 2016

You can find some real value when you buy antique furniture, but how can you tell what is truly an antique? Knowledge is power. Learning about how furniture is constructed can give you the tools to determine the age and quality of a piece of furniture before you decide to make a purchase. You can also take a look at the furniture in your existing collection to get an idea of its value. One of the main signs of antique and quality furniture is whether there are saw marks on the wood.

What causes the saw marks?

Saw marks come from the different kinds of saws used to make antique furniture:

  • A pit saw is a large saw used by two men that sometimes causes uneven, irregular cuts.
  • Dating back to the Pilgrim days, a gash saw left regular and parallel marks.
  • The circular saw came into general use around 1840, so if you see circular marks, you can bet the board was sawn sometime after 1860.

Why are saw marks considered elements of quality? 

Saw marks are a sure sign of handcrafted furniture. You’ll often find these types of saw marks on vintage-style furniture made from solid wood with handcrafted features. Keep in mind that some furniture makers try to fake antique furniture by adding signs of wear and tear. Search for signs like saw marks and dust or dirt build-up. When it comes to solid wood furniture – the details really do make a huge difference.

Real wood furniture is worth the initial investment.

Real wood furniture is worth the initial investment.

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