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by Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Broyhill Furniture began in 1929 by James Edgar Broyhill after working many years in his brother’s furniture business as a sales associate and bookkeeper. By the 1950’s Broyhill established the Broyhill Premier Line and began to advertise strongly all across the nation in order to grow his business and provide quality furniture according to Sofas and Sectionals. In 1978 Broyhill decided to extend their operations outside of their home base in North Carolina, and purchased a plant that manufactured upholstered furniture in Louisiana.

Around 1980, the Broyhill family decided to sell the company to a conglomerate called Interco Inc., who changed various aspects of production, which, in turn, sped up the process and made operations run smoothly and quickly.

Made from sixty percent recycled steel, Broyhill uses their no-sag technology, eco-friendly solid wood frames manufactured from sustainable forestry initiative sources, and their newly acquired Duracoil Cushion Technology which spreads the distribution of weight allowing their cushions to last much longer.

Broyhill is currently recognized as one of America’s largest furniture manufacturers and is known in the industry for providing quality high end furniture for Americans. See Broyhill’s unique and stylish GALB collection at Gallery Furniture.

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  • David W. Cook
    June 9, 2014

    I have the complete Broyhill 100 anniversary collection. The dinning room table top was damaged and needs to be refinished. Can you tell me what is the stain used and where can I buy it? Also, what is the finish/clear coat. Is it high gloss, semi-gloss or satin. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
    David W. Cook

    • Sara
      June 9, 2014

      Hello David, Broyhill is an fantastic American brand I’m sure the collection is beautiful. We’re not affiliated with the company directly though, we’re a blog that supports purchasing American-made brands. But hopefully their customer service line (1-800-327-6944) will be able to help you with your questions, and thank you for commenting!

      • A_matter_of_principle
        August 29, 2016

        Hi Sara,

        I have the Perspective’s Dining set that I purchased in 2011. The dining chairs were made terribly (the seats) and when I looked underneath there are large signs stating “Made in Vietnam.” I am very disappointed because the company states that they no longer make the product so they cannot honor a warranty. ??? This seems to be the new trend. Promise a warranty, and then claim the product or parts are no longer manufactured. Huh? What is the warranty for then?

        • Sara Hickey
          October 9, 2016

          I understand your frustration with your situation. This is why we now sell solid wood dining room furniture that is Made in America – most of ours is from Ohio and made by skilled Amish craftmen (and women). If you purchased your furniture from Gallery Furniture, please call and discuss the issues with our customer service team. Please know however, that our ability to help you may depend on whether you purchased the Gallery Furniture In-Home Service plan.

  • Barbara Hook
    November 6, 2015

    We got this nice dinning set without realizing WHO made it. The block of wood is split under table there cannot open it for the holidays. We have been waiting for the so called part for a long time!!! Never again will we buy broyhill.America is the best… Shame on them

  • Gary
    April 13, 2016

    We have an entertainment center that we bought several years ago and we are trying to find out what type of stain and hardware is on it so we can match it thanks

    • Sara Hickey
      October 9, 2016

      If you purchased from Gallery Furniture, just call into the store and we can look up your purchase history for you!

  • Dan Carter
    March 30, 2017

    We just purchased Broyhill bedroom furniture and was very surprised when I opened it to find it was made in Vietnam. The chest was damaged even though the box showed no sign of damage. When we checked the drawers to make sure they were o.k., two slider bearings fell out. It will be the last Broyhill I will buy.

    • Sara Hickey
      May 4, 2017

      While Broyhill is making more and more of their furniture in America, some is still manufactured overseas. If Made in America is important to you, we recommend coming out to the Gallery Furniture showroom nearest you and let us help you! Plus, you will not have to bother with unboxing and putting it together yourself!

      • Dan Carter
        May 4, 2017

        Thanks Sara for your response. I always remembered Broyhill as one of those brands that carried a good reputation along with Kincaid and several other brands that came from North Carolina and other locations in North America. We bought our living room furniture, Broyhill, four years back at Hickory Park Furniture Galleries and have been satisfied so far. I’m glad Broyhill is moving some production back to the U.S.

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