Olive Oil Pressed in America by California Olive Ranch

by Thursday, May 7, 2015

California has been known for many things in the US, from Hollywood glam, to the more recent tech explosion of Silicon Valley.  Many people are only just starting to learn about the fresh produce coming out of California’s valleys, such as beautiful ripe avocados, tomatoes, artichokes and grapes. However, with the recent droughts that have brought the rivers and lakes to staggeringly low depths and even dried some up completely, farmers have had to get creative with the process and combine California’s technological advances with it’s agricultural work.

California Olive Ranch has used this approach to growing and harvesting the best olives in America for it’s high quality olive oil. They have installed moisture sensors in their fields, and special climate controlled rooms to keep the oil at a specific temperature, and away from damaging light and air.  Because this olive oil doesn’t come all the way from overseas, the end product is highly affordable, even for the high standards of quality, for many Americans. They are committed to doing things right the first time, using all of their technological advances in order to make an American product that can stand side by side with those from all over the globe.

California Olive Ranch is dedicated to creating the best possible olive oil right here in America, rather than have American consumers buying product from overseas.  They are able to provide it for a cheaper price due to shipping, and in all reusable and recyclable containers, in order to protect the Earth at the same time.  They are not only lasting through the tough droughts in California, but showing that technology can help you produce an even better product in harsh times.  Look for California Olive Ranch olive oil the next time you are at your local grocery store and get the best made American product possible from innovative farmers.

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