Supporting Our National Economy

by Sunday, January 11, 2015

Supporting Our National Economy

The power of the consumer has never been more pivotal to the rise in American made production according to Area Development. When the customer is confident in the store and product they interact with, interest translates to sales! Area Development Online recently noted that the support of Made in America businesses was responsible to helping manufacturers contribute $1.87 trillion to the national economy. Further, the high demand for goods domestically produced has helped to add 554,000 manufacturing jobs, in the past three years, on top of the 12 million jobs in existence.

Research such as this provides staggering statistics, which support claims that the benefits of buying American truly provides results seen in the growth of our country. This is best demonstrated in the idea of “reshoring” seen in recent years; companies are quickly focusing on bringing their production from formerly low-cost countries, and seeking the best American talent for their line.

With numerous campaigns encouraging interest and pursuit of careers in manufacturing, the landscape to continue growth in this field is privy to become stronger with them. The efforts across numerous states to locate and refine talented employees retains a focus in empowering America.

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