Support Local, Grow Together in Houston

by Monday, December 8, 2014

Support Local Grow Together

Buying American made is important, but keeping our money close to home is definitely the dream! With the new movement, Support Local, Grow Together (or SLGT as it’s online presence is often shortened to), Houstonians are coming together with an online stance to show their support of local businesses to help our community thrive.

The idea is to use the hashtag #SLGT for local, community based businesses and restaurants. Consumers can use #SLGT whenever they choose these small businesses and support local Houston artists, musicians and restaurants. Businesses can also choose local and #SLGT by participating in collaborations, sharing resources and promoting public awareness.

Right now they are accepting sign ups from local businesses to join the directory for our community so that people have a place to look when they want to support local. Their mission is to “create a culture of local self-sufficiency that thrives financially and creatively through festivals, concerts, charity drives, social media, certification for qualified businesses and consumer “perks” from #SLGT members.” So for supporting your neighborhood eatery or farmer’s market you may get small rewards.

Remember, when money stays in a community it pays necessary taxes that help with everything from schools to roadwork, police and fire departments.  Let’s put our money where our mouth is and support local so we can all grow together!

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