Buying American for Mother and Baby

by Monday, November 3, 2014

We all hear about recalls for products deemed unsafe after being placed on the market, which for a mother can be quite scary. What products do you choose? Who do you trust with your baby’s health and well-being? Made in America products meet the quality standards you would expect from products designed for babies and toddlers. They’re consistently more economical and eco-friendly, while also staying true to the ideals of an American worker and consumer.

When you buy American made, your products are coming from nearby sources, which means less shipping and transportation. And if you’re looking for eco-friendly, cutting down on transportation can have a huge positive impact on the environment. All American made products are subject to our strict standards of production, so buyers know they’re getting a product that has been made with their child’s safety in mind. As Sarah Mazzone from the Made In USA Challenge wrote, “When I factored in the economic and ethical factors along with these safety and environmental concerns, buying made in USA baby products was a no-brainer.” She has dedicated herself to the cause and created the all American baby guide, where she has compiled a list of products and companies she personally trusts for her own children.

If you are out shopping in your favorite stores, be sure to check labels as items that may have the American flag on them still may not be made in America. Look for the stamp or seal that says Made in America, as the FTC monitors companies that have this seal and have strict regulations on how those products must be made in order to say made in America. Keep your baby safe and trust the quality and craftsmanship of all American made products.

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