Buying American Made Easy

by Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Just this year, Diane Sawyer of ABC’s Good Morning America began a pledge urging viewers to buy American. This is all a part of an emphasis on Made in the U.S. that has come around with full force since the Great Recession hit our nation and caused one of the greatest economic slumps this country has every seen. Though we are still experiencing this downtrend in the economy, choosing American made products may well be the solution we are looking for to help pull us out.

Roger Simmermaker knows this all too well. He has been at the forefront of the Made in America movement, from wearing only New Balance shoes, to compiling a list of U.S.-made products according to USA Today. This list would eventually go on to become his first book in 1996, entitled, “How Americans Can Buy American — The Power of Consumer Patriotism”. His first edition had only 7,500 products and services, whereas later editions including over 16,000, including a special section of 1,000 American-Made/Union-Made products. He drives his own American made Lincoln Town Car and writes blogs regularly on the importance of Made in America products.

He recently released a second book entitled, “Me Company ‘Tis of Thee,” which outlines 50 patriotic American Companies you should be purchasing from in order to support our country. Roger Simmermaker is definitely a role model in the buy American movement, always practicing what he preaches, and also a great source of education on the ways you can buy American and which companies are best. We definitely recommend picking up his two books and utilizing the information to make conscientious decisions about where you vote with your dollar.

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