Tigercandy Arts Handmade Sock Puppets

by Saturday, October 18, 2014

When you look for toys to give your kids, you want to have quality craftsmanship as well as a safe product that is made with no hazardous materials. Tigercandy Arts strives to provide you with the best toy possible that meets these requirements. They make sock puppet toys with 99% U.S.A. materials manufactured right here in America. The final product is also assembled here, making it an American product, through and through.

The puppet face designs are adorable. They have named each animal individually and created them with plenty of imagination. You can order stick puppet kits, sock puppet making kits, and even custom orders for a sock puppet if you want something extra special. Tigercandy Arts encourages people of all ages and walks of life to have fun and be creative with their sock puppets, as they bring joy to almost any face.

Support an American company that, in turn, supports other U.S. manufacturers and buy your loved ones a super fun sock puppet from Tigercandy Arts today.

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