Pride in Owning American Made Furniture

by Friday, January 20, 2017

Pride for Owning American Furniture

In a world where brands can reign supreme even in the furniture market, how can local companies compete? While it may appear that larger companies have more “bang for your buck,” if your looking to make an investment towards quality, durable furniture, you may want to choose an American made furniture company over an appealing name brand.

Large name manufacturer’s typically have their furniture assembled in countries with next to no labor costs and low environmental regulations. If you’ve ever seen a picture of the sky in China, you know what we’re talking about. These companies have invested in other countries, and will continue to put that money in other economies to turn a profit.

When you purchase American Made products, especially something as big ticket as furniture, you are paying for long lasting quality, craftsmanship and a sense of pride. You’re paying for American labor, American materials, and all of the consumer cost of that product goes straight back into your local economy.

American Made American Quality

So, if you’re going to compare brands, head straight to companies that deal in American made furniture. Also, consider American Made as almost it’s own brand. When people ask you who made your couch, you’ll be able to tell them Americans made that furniture, and be proud of it. You’re supporting the future generations by paying for their parents labor, and bolstering the workforce that they will be a part of soon. You’re investing in the American economy, as well as investing in amazing, quality furniture that you know won’t let you down.

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