FlexSteel Furniture: Over 100 years of American Made

by Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Flexsteel Furniture

Flexsteel was originally founded in 1893 as the Rolph & Ball Furniture Company in Minneapolis, manufacturing upholstered furniture for the westward pioneers. They have traded hands many times over the years, becoming the Grau-Curtis Company, to Northome Furniture Industries and finally naming themselves after their most famous product. The Flexsteel spring was the design of a Swiss inventor, made for European railroad car seating and it had not yet been used in furniture in the States previously. It was former owner Herbert T. Bertsch who decided to differentiate the company from its competitors. What set them apart was their lifetime guarantee on the spring itself that they began during the depression era, and their ability to quickly meet consumer demand by building plants all over the U.S.

After establishing headquarters in Dubuque, Iowa, Flexsteel expanded production facilities in a number of states, domestically, including the Lone Star State, to accommodate an increased demand in sofas, sectionals, and recliners. The company further proved itself as a leader in the industry with the introduction of printed nylon in the 1970s, a fabric which is popular to this day!

Flexsteel continues to go above and beyond today with their commitment to sustainable business practices within the furniture industry and the environment. They recently implemented the “Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture” program in order to manage the environmental impact in each of its various stages of furniture production.  From using eco-friendly materials, to calculating their carbon footprint, and all the way to reinforcing their commitment to their workers’ rights and community relations wherever they do business, Flexsteel has made it their mission to take care of the community and environment they thrive in.

 Flexsteel is a brand you can trust for your living room furniture. From a small factory in Minneapolis to a sprawling 5-plant operation throughout the US, Flexsteel represents the American Dream and is a fantastic story of success. To see entire GABS collection from Flexsteel, visit Gallery Furniture.


2 Responses
  • sue thompson
    November 18, 2016

    We are looking for reclining sofa and wanted flexsteel, but it appears the recliners are all made in China? can you verify if they have models that are not?

    • Sara Hickey
      November 19, 2016

      Thaks for reading our blogs Sue. Right now we do not have any of the Flexsteel Made in America furniture in stock. Our inventory changes frequently however, so this may change soon!

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