Camper Tops

by Saturday, October 25, 2014

If you’re looking for a camper top for your vehicle, look no further than Nevada-based company Caravan Camper Shells. Started fifty years ago by Wally Rusk Sr. as a small shop producing the finest tops one’s money could buy, Caravan has remained a resident of the Nevada desert. Each individual truck top is hand-made by blacksmiths for each custom order specifically to fit your vehicle. You can customize your own truck top with shelving, lighting, extra height, special door and window options, fans and rear cameras so you can navigate backing up with the addition.

Camping, fishing, and hunting can all be improved upon with the addition of a camper top. You can use it simply for protected storage, or add a carpet layer and bed if you want a comfortable place to sleep without having to pitch a tent. Visit their website for option information and to a request a price list for these one of a kind hand made steel camper tops.

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