Backyard Buddy

by Saturday, August 8, 2015

Backyard Buddy was originally designed and created because the owners couldn’t quite find the product they were looking for to help them access the underside of their hot rod projects. They decided to take quality certified structural steel, people who were certified by the American Welding Society and create a product right here in America with high standards that met their needs. Thus, Backyard Buddy was born, and has remained in Warren, Ohio since it’s inception over 30 years ago.

The car and truck lifts are used for a variety of reasons in the home garage as well as in professional shops. In order to work comfortably on the undercarriage of your car, professionals will use lifts such as these, but are extremely handy for home garages. Enthusiasts with back problems, or who spend a lot of time under their cars want to be more comfortable, and a Backyard Buddy Lift is the perfect solution. They can also be used as storage for high ceiling garages, boats during the off-season, and motorcycles when not in use. You will still be able to use your daily driver car without doing a big garage shuffle every time you want to get out pet projects and your other seasonal vehicles.

Certified welders make each part of the lift in their Ohio factory. They take great pride in having the safest product made with the best materials and design for your dollar. The owners take great pride in the fact that they support and create American jobs and help boost our economy.


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