Tervis Cups

by Sunday, October 12, 2014
Tervis Cups

source: Tervis

The importance of an environmentally safe drinking tumbler is imperative in preserving our Earth.

Tervis, a Detroit based company, quickly latched onto this idea in 1946 when engineers Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis sought a way to bring an innovative concept to the practice of insulating liquids. Through the years, the duo built a family-owned brand and developed their product line to include over ten size options, each with a myriad of options for customization. The key to their tumbler’s design is the sealed double-wall of plastic that not only keeps the liquid’s temperature, but also is durable and microwave friendly. College sports fans, artists, children, and even animal lovers all have categories that directly match their interests! The company, now headquartered in North Venice, Florida, ensures the domestic quality of their tumblers with a Made For Life Guarantee.

Further extending their goodwill, Tervis donates a percentage of their profits towards organizations including Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer charities and Autism Awareness. Now, a simple addition to your kitchen can result in benefiting a number of patients battling powerful diseases.

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