Gator Pit of Texas

by Friday, December 26, 2014

Gator Pit of Texas was long in the making dream for owner, Ritch “Gator Man” Robin. He spent his younger years in the FFA and perfecting his welding and fabricating skills. He built his very first BBQ pit with his own two hands at the young age of 14. Ritch did many things after high school, including the Army Reserves and attaining his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, but designing and manufacturing barbecue pits was always his true calling.

In 1996 he opened his own custom pit shop, Gator Pit, named for the terrifying swamp reptiles his home state is known for and the interesting designs he had created for tailgating at sports games. You can contact Rich personally for your custom barbecue pit needs through Gator Pit, so the customer service is top-notch. The company is located in Houston, Texas these days and was recently featured on the Discovery Channel’s King of the Grill television series.

Barbecues, according to Ritch, are the “cornerstone of America…that bring friends and family together.” Which is why he does what he does. He can make any type of barbecue pit you need, from a small backyard pit, to a smoker, all the way to specialty items that are ordered for crazy theme parties. They also offer custom welding and fabrication services outside of the realm of barbecue pits, so check out Gator Pit of Texas the next time you need skilled welders and fabricators of any sort.

This is a great company that has gone from one man’s dream to an amazing operation based right here in Houston, Texas. This is truly the American dream of Ritch Robin, his family and friends.

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