BillyKirk: Accessories for Lovers of Leather and Canvas

by Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Source: Ecouterre

BillyKirk is a made in America company that can fulfill all of your leather and canvas cravings!  This family owned design company started by brothers Chris and Kirk Bray in 1999, makes beautifully eye-catching bags, belts, wallets, hats and so much more.

This company gets a thumbs up for partnering with three manufacturers based in the U.S., including Amish leather crafters in Pennsylvania, and in-house artisans that create their products by hand.

Though BillyKirk products are sold internationally, they have done an exceptional job using American resources to provide products boasting longevity, style and comfort. “We work with an heirloom mentality where you pass [things] down,” said Chris Bray in an interview with Ecouterre. They pride themselves in crafting accessories that only get better with age.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special, a BillyKirk gift card is the perfect choice! Visit their online store for a spectacularly designed BillyKirk made in America products!

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