Great American Vacation – in a classic RV!

by Thursday, August 4, 2016

A couple of decades ago it seemed like America’s love affair with the RV was coming to an end. Sure, there were still plenty on the road, but they were seen as tacky. The beige and fake-wood siding became something of a parody and driving one of those gas guzzlers was a quick and easy way to break the bank.

But that trend has reversed itself.

Today, a classic RV is a highly coveted piece of equipment. Younger and older generations are discovering the joys of tripping across the country in a classic Airstream, tin can or vintage motorhome-style RV. Finding and enjoy a classic American made RV and make your next Great American Vacation even better!

Why vintage campers and classic RVs are so cool

Quite simply, these days revamped retro is all the rage. Homebuyers actively seek out old houses they can update with modern appliances and décor. Kids buy records. Plenty of 30-year-olds download and play old arcade games on their phones.

And just like people have loved vintage cars for a long time, they now love their vintage RVs.   

Another big factor is that these classic trailers give people the chance to really let their creativity loose. People decorate their home on wheels with fun cartoonish furnishings and give them a playful retro look. They paint them pink, blue, green and every other color. In essence, they enjoy having a big, grown-up toy to play with.

To get a taste of the vibrancy of the classic RV culture, take a look at Alumapolooza, which is a gathering of Airstream trailer owners of all stripes and sizes.

Bottom line: Classic RVs provide a fun, creative way for people to explore the country. Heck, you just might want to become a tin-can tourist yourself.

Spend your next vacation enjoying the great American outdoors with a classic RV!

Spend your next vacation enjoying the great American outdoors with a classic RV!

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