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by Friday, January 6, 2017

When it comes to your kids, nothing is as important as safety. Green Toys agrees. These great toys are crafted right here in the USA using eco-friendly materials. Because of the local supply chain, this toy company follows a strict quality-control process to offer only the best products for your little ones. In fact, Green Toys items surpass the U.S. and international standards for safety.


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Good Toys for Good Fun!

For years, Green Toys has made it a priority to offer eco-friendly, safe products for children. These fun, American-made toys prove that every day can be Earth Day! Based in California, the duo behind the company believe that the best way to encourage people to be more environmentally savvy is to offer environmentally-friendly goods. And that’s just what they’re doing with these children’s toys.
Right down to the packaging, Green Toys tries to minimize its carbon footprint, using soy ink made from soybeans, a renewable resource. Additionally, recycled plastic milk jugs are used to make these creative toys, which saves a bunch of energy. Every pound of salvaged plastic saves enough energy to power a television for three weeks. At the end of 2016, the company had recycled more than 46 million milk jugs!

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100% Recycled for 100% Play!

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