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by Friday, December 30, 2016

In the age of globalization, finding apparel made in America can be difficult. Family-run clothing manufacturer Michael Stars is keeping the tradition of great American Made clothing alive. They are on a mission to offer quality clothing skillfully crafted right here in the USA. In fact, all Michael Stars apparel is designed in Los Angeles and proudly Made in America.


Michael Start has clothes for women and men. You can find tees & tops, activewear, sweaters & jackets, pants & shorts, dresses & jumpsuits, and even maternity outfits! There are plenty of options for everyone.

American Made Cotton Apparel

About 75 percent of the items are cut and sewn in Los Angeles.  60 percent of the clothes are also washed and dyed locally. Additionally, Supima tees are crafted from 100 percent American-grown cotton. This luxurious and durable cotton is produced by farmers in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. When you purchase garments from Michael Stars, you are supporting American workers. This is good for our economy and also promotes child labor laws, safe working conditions, and a reduced carbon footprint. Many good things happen when you purchase amazing clothes from Michael Stars.

Aside from being designed and manufactured in the United States, Michael Stars is committed to working with local suppliers who support sustainable growth. By adhering to environmental and ethical standards, clothing can be good for the environment and future of the country. Many independent family-operated businesses are partners with Michael Stars such as textile, manufacturing, and dye/wash houses.

You can find out more about American-made Michael Stars apparel by visiting their website or checking out their Facebook page.

Michael Stars is an proud American company!

Michael Stars is a proud American company!

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